Recapitulation: Denmark

Good morning dear readers.

I am aware that I have left you aside for some while. My apologies.

Credit to

Credit to

There have been some good reasons justifying my absence: I am not living anymore in Madrid, but up north: Denmark.

Credit to University of Southern Denmark

I have been admitted to a Masters programme in the University of Southern Denmark, to be more precise: a quite new programme: International Security and Law. Where I have the opportunity to share experiences with other international students, like me, or to do some team work with other co-students from the Danish Army. Attending conferences delivered by experts on the conflict located in Afghanistan and similar topics. So far so good. I will keep you posted on my new experience in the Scandinavian country.

I hope to become an expert regarding risk management, conflict resolutions, namely anything related with Human Security.

The upcoming post, soon to come, will continue with the line of Energy Security that I have been previously talking about.

Stay tune and read me in my next post.

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