New Recapitulation: Lithuania

Good morning dear readers,

Credits of the photography to BBC UK




It is turning into an habit for me to move to a new place around this time of the year. For instance,  in November last year,  I was living in Denmark, but now it is an internship that has taken me to a completely different location: The Baltics.

If you have been following this blog for a while, you would remember that I am pursuing a postgraduate programme in Denmark, nonetheless, in relation to the theme of the master, I have been offered the opportunity to work as intern at NATO. For this reason I find myself in Lithuania for a short period of time.

You are not mistaken, indeed I am still pursuing my masters, this last stage of the programme is related to the thesis, looking forward to get the most out of this unique, yet brief experience.

For starters, as you can observe on the photo, Lithuania is one the three Baltic countries (together with Latvia and Estonia), who gained its second indepence on March 11th ,1990 from URSS.

Vilnius, capital city of Lithuania. Credits of the photography to Google

Another panoramic perspective of Vilnius. Credits of the photography to Google

The first impression I had from the Baltics was through Latvia, back in 2006, a very modern country for what I knew back then. In this case, as for what concerns to Lithuania, Vilnius – the capital-, where I am currently residing, it is very impressive and appealing for western foreigners. You sense its westernized/european character through the modern buildings that compose the financial neighborhood, as well as the footprint of european history from the Oldtown with Neoclassical buildings , etc. On top of that you can find a wide array of opportunities to be entertained with: such as cultural activities (a wide range of events – from Indie/alternative movie festivals to Jazz sessions, etc.), neverending forests and parks, castles, churches, etc.

When you are approaching Vilnius airport, the plane goes around the city before landing, giving passengers the chance to appreciate the beauty of this city from the heights.

Credits of the photography to Google

Surprisingly enough, this city has an amazing restoration offer for each single taste, naming for example famous fast food chains such as KFC to delicate cuisine – Bistro 18-. What caught my attention and seduced me from Vilnius was the urban architecture (as you can appreciate in the photos), to the different restaurants and the warmth of its citizens.

Vilnius has become a positive surprise for me, enjoying every bit of it. If you have the chance to come and visit the country, don´t think it twice, COME.

Stay tune and see you in my next post. One more time, thank you for reading the blog.

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