Summary of my 2014

Good morning dear readers,

Today, 31st of December is a very special for me. I was born in a 31st of December, some years ago. So at this time of the year there are two reasons to celebrate: my birth and the ending of the year. In this case, 2014 has meant a lot to me for various reasons:

  1. Living abroad (Denmark – Odense– and Lithuania) feeling like a fish in the water, having the great opportunity to get to know more foreigners from different upbringings (a path I started some years ago as member of a students forum – AEGEE-Europe-), while improving my language skills, keep on opening my mind. Keep growing up, at the end.
  2. Pursuing a long time dream = goal: studying a master’s programme and working, both abroad.
  3. Appreciating and understanding the virtues of your own background and culture = Spain.
  4. Enjoying some good quality time with my niece.

Ever since I can remember my parents have taught us that we have to keep moving on. I remember my mother saying » the world is constantly active, nobody is going to wait for you, so you better move and get what you want«. So that´s what I have been doing, be proactive in order to reach my goals, one step at a time. It has been confirmed this year that ‘perseverance‘ and ‘confidence‘ are one more time my best allies to reach my goals as it has been positively proven through out my life, but even more so this year.

Denmark has proven that indeed spaniards are well educated and prepared, like I am. Studying in a different country, with a different education system is always a bit overwhelming and challanging at the begining, it is just a matter of time to get used to the new atmosphere. So far I enjoy the ride, proving myself to be able to adaptate to a new culture, new mentality and new me. I am just one step away to complete my long time dream, graduating next year and closing another chapter of my life: university.

Coming to Lithuania is returning back to the Baltic region, a place I have visited two times, both with nice memories. It has been a great surprise for me to discover the beauty – architecture, landscapes, culture, etc.- of this country and it’s capital city, Vilnius. It is a satisfying experience and I highly recommend to pay a visit to this small but surprising country.

My working life in Vilnius feels like a constant learning process. I am working on a specific project at my office but at the same time I am assigned with new tasks that help me to understand new topics, work at a different pace for each one. Enjoying the city and all it has to offer with my co-workers has a lot to do with my satisfying experience. In addition I am devoting part of my spare time to my master thesis, since I am graduating next summer. It feels real nice to be occupied with activities I enjoy working on.

For the ones already mentioned and other reasons, I feel like I am in the right track, focused on reaching my goals, keep some good old habits of mine like training again -running-, combining working and studying (doing the internship and working on my thesis), taking care of old and news friendships.

My new year resolutions are that, mine. I wish you feel satisfied and focused on your new upcoming challanges. It is just on us to enjoy the ride.

Credits of the photography to

Credits of the photography to

Happy new 2015. Stay tune and I am sharing more experiences with you next year.

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