Summary of my 2016

Good afternoon dear readers,

I am coming back to you before the end of the year. There are few thoughts I want to share with you about my 2016. This year has meant a lot to me for various reasons:

  • After a 2015 mostly devoted to my master thesis, I finally graduated in early 2016.  Closing this chapter was meaningful to me, not only for celebrating the graduation of my programme but to realice one more time that all the tasks I was committed to always come to an end and with satisfaction. Besides sharing this feeling with my fellow master graduates from SDU, making it even more enjoyable.


  • Making the decision to return back to Denmark for two reasons: first, to work on my danish skills to better communicate in the local language, although danish people speak english very well. Nevertheless, it is always a nice challange to learn new languages. Second, to learn more about the culture by enjoying their cultural festivals first hand.

Living abroad brings always the great opportunity to get to know more foreigners from different upbringings (a path I started some years ago as member of a students forum – AEGEE-Europe-), and enjoy the company of danish people, who I have learnt I great deal from. It always brings the positive side of keep on opening my mind, keep growing up, at the end.

This year I was filled with joy from welcoming a new addition to my family, my nephew and receiving the visit of my brother and his daughter. Family visits are always a great pleasure.

On the other hand, I kept myself proactive in order to reach my goals, one step at a time. Keep working on ‘perseverance‘ and ‘confidence‘, since they have been one more time good companions to reach my goals.


For the ones already mentioned and other reasons, I feel like I am in the right track, focused on reaching my goals, keep some good old habits of mine like training again -running-, combining learning a new language and deepening my knowledge in the danish culture and taking care of old and news friendships.

My new year resolutions are that, mine. I wish you feel satisfied and focused on your new upcoming challanges. It is just on us to enjoy the ride.

new years eve 2017

Credits of the photo to Google

Happy new 2017. Stay tune and I am sharing more experiences with you next year.

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