Denmark: Impressions of a foreigner – Culture (2)

Recently, I decided to visit the museum of Modern Art of the city of Odense, which is the BRANDTS museum. They have free entrance on Thursday evenings. Temporary and permanent exhibitions can be visited. To serve the purpose of this post, I will focus on mentioning the particular curiosities I found in the permanent exhibition.

It is in the section dedicated to the «media» at large, where they pay also attention to tv commercials from different decades. I have always thought that when visiting a new country, taking a look at the tv commercials aired locally can give a good idea of the culture.

In this occasion, I found something new that I certainly did not expect. Nudity with a sexual connotation and gay sex, were the themes used as a vehicule to attract the viewer of the time (and probably still impacts the audience, nowadays) towards the product: newspapers: Ekstra Bladet and Politiken. Click in here (for Ekstra Bladet *) and here (for Politiken **) to see the videos.

And please, SEE the videos so that you can continue reading…

Let´s get passed the obvious and concentrate on the aspect that popped up into my mind that very moment: a very open-minded society to address such topics in a way that would not be considered offensive or inappropriate. That is what I thought. How different the Danish society was back then to have the freedom to release and air these kinds of commercials on tv.

I believe they were provocative for marketing purposes, nevertheless, the underlining subtext is the liberal and civic cultural difference of this nation to sell more newspapers, even with a comedic twist.

There is always something new to discover as an expat, especially when it comes to culture and differences.

Remember to check my previous post about Denmark.

Stay tune and see you in my next post.



(*) Tv commercial for the newspaper Ekstra Bladet, titled: «Sauna». Directed by Lars von Trier in 1986.

(**) Tv commercial for the newspaper Politiken, titled: «Timina». No further details found at the moment.

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