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Startup Weekend: learn, network, startup for all people


I decided to participate in Startup weekend following the recommendation of my brother Jaime, who participated in another edition in Spain. In this case, I took part in the event celebrated in the city of Odense, Denmark. It is the second time this event is hosted by the local organizers. By taking a look at the website of Startup Weekend, you realize that they provide the tools to help people develop or improve an idea until its transformed into a more mature stage, close enough to a project worth of investment. Sigue leyendo

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The wonders of the Danish energy market?


Credits of the picture to Aiche

Don´t be fooled by the size of this Scandinavian country. The first to highlight the wonders of Denmark is the IEA by indicating the strengths of this market: Sigue leyendo

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Reflexión sobre el artículo: «Las ciudades como objetivo de desarrollo sostenible»

Hoy voy a comentar un artículo sobre el urbanismo socialmente sostenible y resiliente. Publicado en el Instituto Español de Estudios Estratégicos (IEEE), titulado ‘Las ciudades como objetivo de desarrollo sostenible‘, se trata el desarrollo de las ciudades, la sociedad y lo que puede suponer para la seguridad y el medio ambiente. Sigue leyendo

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Citizens’ debate on space for Europe


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Since I can remember and probably influenced by my family, I have developed an interest for space. The most vivid memory of something related to it, were movies.  My favourite ones: Apollo 13, Contact, Gattaca, the Star Wars franchise, The Martian, etc.  Which has contributed to develop an awareness of the opportunities that the outer space can offer. Every now and then I have been looking for ways to be informed and participate in events connected to this world.   Sigue leyendo

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Reflection on the implications that unconventional resources have for OPEC


Credits of the photo to OPEC

The OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) acknowledged the impact of the incorporation of unconventional resources into the market in the 166th and 167th member meetings. With ambiguity, they do not clearly express their opinion about the relation between unconventional resources and the cause of the volatility of the market in the past year. Sigue leyendo

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Reflection on unconventional energy resources

The panorama of the energy market in the past couple of years has become relevant to the least, to draw enough attention and reflect upon it.

Today, unconventional energy resources have become a reality in the energy world. Shale gas and tight oil or the revival of the LNG market are topics oftenly read across numerous media outlets.

This reflection is to review the role of energy as a subject that has influenced actors, not only in the energy world, but globally. As a recurring topic in some of the posts previously published in the blog, energy security serves as the perspective to analyse the issue.

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Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

Lately, I have had the opportunity to read interesting material of the topic I am about to write. That said and due to the nature of the work I have carried out in the past few months, I came accross with some documents dealing with the notion of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). Bit by bit I will be commenting certain aspects that I find interesting. I am, thereby, creating a series of posts on the topic. Here I begin:

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Denmark: first impressions of a foreigner

Hello dear readers,

Five months have almost passed since I arrived to Denmark. The last time I wrote about it was just a brief post updating you about my current situation. Like I said on the first post of the season, I moved to Denmark for academic reasons, with the one and only objective to close the last chapter of my higher education: pursue a masters programme before I fully incorporate to the labour market.

File:Satellite image of Denmark in July 2001.jpg

Credit to

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The role of the U.S. for the Energy Security in Asia (last part)

Finally, I present the last of the series of posts (part 1 and part 2) about energy security in the Asia-pacific region, after quite some time occupied with the exams I have passed of the masters programme I am currently pursuing.

Going to the point and interest of the post that we have in hand. The last part is an analysis of the relation among the three most influential actors in the region -the US, China & Japan- and how does it affect to security matters in the area. To close the circle of the chapter series, the post ends up with a the conclusion about the situation that has been talked.

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Dispute Settlement in the South China Sea

Another way to share with you my personal interests and experiences is by posting those achievements reached along the way. For example, I have a course of International Law where we have been asked to deliver a presentation choosing a theme within the range of topics we study.

Credit to Google Images

I teamed up with my dutch classmate, Juliette Pauuwe. We agreed on the topic that you are about to read: Dispute Settlement in international waters. We have studied how it is applied the Law of the Sea Convention for this case.

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