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Summary of my 2016

Good afternoon dear readers,

I am coming back to you before the end of the year. There are few thoughts I want to share with you about my 2016. This year has meant a lot to me for various reasons: Sigue leyendo


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Reflection on the implications that unconventional resources have for OPEC


Credits of the photo to OPEC

The OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) acknowledged the impact of the incorporation of unconventional resources into the market in the 166th and 167th member meetings. With ambiguity, they do not clearly express their opinion about the relation between unconventional resources and the cause of the volatility of the market in the past year. Sigue leyendo

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The role of the U.S. for the Energy Security in Asia (part 2)

We continue with another series of posts concerning Energy Security. The one you are about to read is the second part of the the previous one posted analysing the role of the U.S. for the Energy Security in Asia.

Control of the Straits of Malacca and Hormuz: American Leadership

Historically, the US has alliances with Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, etc., being strategic partners allow them to maintain some control of the region. Some evidence of the north american presence, interest and importance in Asia, is perceived by the deployment of troops in the waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans: for instance, the Pacific Command ( commonly known as PACOM and located in Hawaii) or the Defense Agreements Initiative that began in the 50s and remains in force (U.S. – Philippines 1952; Republic of Korea-United States Mutual Defense Treaty 1954; Treaty Mutual U.S. – Japan 1960, etc.). Sigue leyendo

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The role of the U.S. for the Energy Security in Asia (part 1)

When speaking of energy and Asia, it is been  referered mainly to three vectors: 1. Hegemonic regional rivalry China-Japan (which affects all economic and political spheres) 2. Territorial water disputes, mainly in the South China Sea (with vast reserves of natural resources around located in its depths) 3. Distribution of the gas-oil channels from the Middle East to Asia: emphasizing political instability in Central-South Asia and the control of the Straits.
In addition to these vectors, crucial to the security in the region, we should not lose sight of other factors that influence and help us to understand the complexity of the region: Sigue leyendo

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Energy Security: nuclear power?

Some would say that there is no need for more nuclear power stations. Hence, until the issue of what to do with nuclear waste is resolved, nuclear power can never be the answer to the energy needs. As long as the number of power stations increases, so does the chance of another huge nuclear disaster on a similar scale of Chernobyl.

Others may claim that developing countries must have nuclear power stations, but in fact, few developing countries have real access to the huge amounts of money needed to build them. Those overlooking the fact that technological developments in coming years are likely to lead to a rapid expansion in the use of renewable energy. Although not all countries have available to them the full range of renewable energy sources, such as hydro, wind, tidal and geothermal energy, each country has the potential to develop at least one major source.

Many countries in Africa and the Middle East have a great potential for developing solar energy provided cheap technology becomes available. Eventually, they may even be able to sell their energy to other countries, enabling them to develop furhter economically.

Some examples of what has happenned already around the globe currently exists, Iceland is aiming to become a carbon neutral country, reaching 99.9% of its energy comes from renewable sources. Germany is Europe’s leading generator of wind energy, accounting for around 4% of all its energy use. Every country has to take into consideration how best to exploit the renewable energy resources it has as it disposal.

Could this arguments convince  those sceptical ones that it is necessary to drastically increase the number of nuclear power stations? This would divert funds from the research into new technologies that is needed for the expansion of renewable energy.

I do not support nor I am against investing in nuclear energy. Stay tune and wait for the next post.

Thank you for reading this article.



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End of an Era (2012…)

The Mayan lived wisely & came down knocking on our doorstep long before we could imagine. Smarty kind of people predicting the end of the world [like the movie named after the year we are about to close]. It turned out to be just a misinterpretation of the metaphor: It was just the end of an Era.

2012 can be named as the year of POLITICS, wide open, up & down, right & left, etc. What a better way to end an era than with a big global multistage crisis that started almost a decade ago!!!

My friends, POLITICS it’s everything. Don’t be simply fools, turning your heads and looking far ahead or far backwards. Politics comes with the CEO’s of any random company that decide to raise your electricity bill or how expensive the barrel of Brent is costing this week. It’s about how easily you get a loan or how difficult the welfare system is becoming.

POLITICS covers the wide spectrum: economy to religion, from psychology to congress debates, from education to healthcare system.

One word: PERCEPTION. That’s all it has been & all we have missed. Briefly I am presenting few facts that made me take the conclusion this 2012 was the year of POLITICS.

1. The “media bias” used during the US. 2012 presidential Campaign, namely, after the first debate between Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama, assuring the lead of Romney’s attempt of voting

2. Obama’s reelection as the president of the US.

3. Catalonian government bringing the regional elections forward while claiming for the independence of the community based upon a mere perception of support by the electorate, turning out to be a crushing defeat.

4. Catalonian president, Arturo Mas clashing with national politics, leading the wave of independence sovereignty.

5. The lack of compromise shown during several meetings of the head of states & at ministers summits all along 2012 in the euro zone.

Many more reasons would be coming sooner or later to my head, but just some personal highlights should be enough.

One simple wish for the upcoming 2013: making a clear distinction between reality & perception of POLITICS. Perception is becoming slightly more important, e.g. the recent turmoil around the euro fictitious breakdown.

Thanks for reading my blog & this particular post once more.

See you in 2013

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La importancia del baño

Posiblemente sea uno de los espacios más importantes en cualquier vivienda.  Se puede prescindir de salón, de garaje, de terraza, pero no de baño.

Tiene  unas funciones básicas y variadas. Desde lugar de aseo personal, de cura, de relajación, de coquetería, de reflexión, etc. Cuan importante y relevante resulta ser el baño.

Sigue leyendo

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