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The role of the U.S. for the Energy Security in Asia (last part)

Finally, I present the last of the series of posts (part 1 and part 2) about energy security in the Asia-pacific region, after quite some time occupied with the exams I have passed of the masters programme I am currently pursuing.

Going to the point and interest of the post that we have in hand. The last part is an analysis of the relation among the three most influential actors in the region -the US, China & Japan- and how does it affect to security matters in the area. To close the circle of the chapter series, the post ends up with a the conclusion about the situation that has been talked.

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Dispute Settlement in the South China Sea

Another way to share with you my personal interests and experiences is by posting those achievements reached along the way. For example, I have a course of International Law where we have been asked to deliver a presentation choosing a theme within the range of topics we study.

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I teamed up with my dutch classmate, Juliette Pauuwe. We agreed on the topic that you are about to read: Dispute Settlement in international waters. We have studied how it is applied the Law of the Sea Convention for this case.

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