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My 2017: some things can only happen in the USA

I am not sure if I have previously talked about my favourite movies, but if I have not, then this is a good moment and way to talk about it.

Perhaps one of my favourite movies became my favourite as a result of growing up with two boys, and naturally, living under the same roof you end up sharing some hobbies or interests, or getting your siblings involved into yours as a way to maintain a bond. I remember that I used to see Apollo 13 with them. It is only when I reached my adulthood that my interest in the film grew stronger and I discovered that the movie contained several messages. It speaks about the life-style of the people living in the US during the 60s, the world of aeronautics and aerospace (aka. NASA), it speaks about the personal experiences of the protagonists of the movie, but most importantly it narrates the situations lived during the mission of the Apollo 13. It is a Hollywood movie based in the real events of that particular NASA mission.

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