The wonders of the Danish energy market?


Credits of the picture to Aiche

Don´t be fooled by the size of this Scandinavian country. The first to highlight the wonders of Denmark is the IEA by indicating the strengths of this market:



Denmark is a leader among OECD member countries in terms of its well-designed policies for renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change.


IEA couldn´t state it any better, betting for a greener future, a commitment to achieving the best results possible (typical Danish mentality), it is no surprising Denmark is leading the sustainable philosophy in the provision of energy. On top of it, is also a country with a high degree of energy security.

The main electricity operator, Energinet, published last year an article commenting the high standards of energy security in the electricity market and also mentioning the areas for improvement.

The reason to bring this up today is connected to one article (in danish), published by Danish Industry (DI) – Energy, on the hits of the energy export strategy rightly oriented towards reaching new heights and sustaining its commitments with the regional and international partners (also mentioned by the IEA).

The cornerstone of the Danish international footprint revolves around a strong and constant global profile, and its energy sector is no stranger in this regard. By championing the engagement on green energy and efficiency, State of Green reflects on the cooperational ties of the danish energy market across the globe:


The scope of cooperation is broad, covering energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy system development as well as climate finance.


This post doesn’t have the intention to do any promotion about Denmark. Far from it, as a person living in the country, I became more interested in different aspects of this ever-surprising nation.

Stay tune dear readers and see you in my next post.


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